Idiom or Quote of the Day

Every meeting has an “Idiom or Quote of the Day” presented by a member.

Example              “to be rough and ready” =adequate but unrefined, crude but effective

hingedonnert, zusammengeflickt sein, also nicht sorgsam bearbeitet oder erstellt sein.


“Idioms exist in every language. An idiom is a word of phrase that is not taken literally, like ‘bought the farm’ has nothing to do with purchasing real estate… it refers to dying. Idioms also may refer to a dialect or jargon…” (adapted from Your Dictionary Examples)

The aim of the Idiom of the Day is to improve vocabulary by getting familiar with popular jargon. The members are encouraged to use it along the meeting.

At you can get a different Idiom of the Day every day!

Take a look at the English with Jo website too and check the today’s Idiom!


A quote can be a powerful addition to a speech or presentation. A relevant, well-timed quote can be memorable and meaningful. Use one that supports your message. If you are going to use quotes, do so in the right way. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t overdo it. The more quotes you add to a speech, the more diluted each quote is. For most speeches, one or two quotes is plenty.
  2. Always attribute your quotes to the source (the person who originally said it).
  3. Make sure the quote is correct. That is important because the internet is chockablock with errors, it is better to check several resources to be sure.

To find an adequate quote you could check at

Many very nice quotes are available and there is also a quote of the day on the website

See also or


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