The “Evaluation” section led by the General Evaluator provides role-taking members with valuable feedback on their contributions during the meeting.

The General Evaluator is assisted by the Timer, the Ah-Counter, the Language Coach and the Speech Evaluators.


Timing is a common practice in Toastmasters and it helps the members to keep track of they progress. At the beginning the members usually speak rapidly and after gathering some experience the rush to speak reduces, which can be noticed by timing.  Another aspect is that in real life we always have to deal with time constraints and one of the purposes of timing the meeting activities is to exercise discipline. For instance, every speech has to be delivered within a time frame and a Table Topic has to be spoken in between 1 and 2 minutes.

In every meeting a member will be the timer, reporting it during the evaluation section.


The ah-counting activity demands a lot of attention from the “ah-counter” who will listen how many times each person says “ah” along the meeting. This “ah” is commonly used when we are processing information, thinking to speak, and then we do this sound “ah”. One example: I want… “ah” …to tell you… “ah” …that this “ah” is totally unnecessary… “ah” … and when you learn to use pause and other speaking techniques at Toastmasters, you will get rid of your “ah”s.

Language Coach

The “Language Coach” is the member who is responsible for evaluating all grammar mistakes or any incorrect or ambiguous usage of the language along the meeting. She/he will tell to the members during the evaluation section the points we should pay attention to in order to improve our language quality.

Speech Evaluator

In the competent communicator manual, and also in the advanced manuals, each speech is evaluated by another member, called “Speech Evaluator”. She/He will provide the speaker with written feedbacks in the manual and during the evaluation section it will give a formal spoken evaluation of 2 to 3 minutes.


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